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Translation Station is a hub of professional language practitioners, translators, proof-readers and copywriters offering language services to agencies, corporations, legal firms, embassies, universities and individuals.

Get your translations, proofreading or copywriting done quickly and efficiently in all eleven official South African languages as well as many European and Oriental languages.

Our language specialists understand the genres in which they are experts. Some of our translators are also voice artists and session directors who have a keen understanding of advertising and marketing that comes with years of experience.

Whatever you need - we’ll write it, translate it or proofread it!


The Translation Station team are professional, highly experienced translators.

Please scroll down for a complete list of the languages we cover.

Our work involves a lot more than merely translating words from one language to another. A translator has to take text from the provided source and translate it without changing the original meaning. This is a time consuming task and often takes longer than the writing of an original document. Please take this into account when you plan a project.

Whilst most jobs are dedicated to one translator, a huge job with a looming deadline may be split between several translators and then edited and proofread by one person for consistency.

All documents received by Translation Station are treated in the strictest confidence.
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How To Get Started

  • We will look at your request and send you a quote. Quotes vary, depending on: word count, research required and other factors.
  • Upon approval of the quote, Translation Station will have the translation back to you, well within your deadline.


Our rates are calculated per word from the original source copy on a sliding word count scale. The higher the word count, the lower the rate per word.

We do not publicise our rate card as the content or purpose of a document, could greatly influence the amount of work involved.


How long does it take?

Always provide us with an indication of your deadline. We translate approximately 2 000 words per day/per language but there are often variables to be factored in. Please request an expected date and time of delivery when approving a quote to ensure satisfaction.






Sesotho sa Leboa


























Khoi San



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Striking or clever copy does wonders for a business and is integral to advertising and marketing campaigns. Poor copy, on the other hand, can damage a good business and make it appear unprofessional. The quality of your advertising should reflect the quality and reliability of the services or products you offer.
Copywriting is a creative process and we will require a detailed brief to ensure that we accurately render the spirit and essence of the message.

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We have a team adept at transcribing audio from DVD/CD to written format. You can either email the sound/video files to us or mail/courier the CD or DVD. Translation Station can manage transcriptions in any of the languages we offer. We translate from written copy; a script from audio will need to be transcribed prior to translation.

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Foreign Language Voice Artists

Translation Station manages a small team of foreign language voice artists. Our voice artists are proficient in their language of specialisation and adept at pronunciation but have limited experience as voice artists due to the fact that there is limited demand for their services in South Africa. For professional South African voice artists please contact Intertalent.

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MOH & IVR Recordings

Translation Station shares premises with Warrens’ World Productions where we have access to professional recording studios. We can record voice-overs for your telephone system in the form of a simple MOH (Message On Hold) or more specialised recordings for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) utilising the services of a professional voice artist or a language service specialist in the language of your choice.

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Research and fact finding and/or checking can be a time consuming process. Leave it to our team of researchers who will handle your research or check the accuracy of your research.

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We provide subtitling for your production in any language. Translation Station will do the translations and provide you with ready-to-use subtitles. Simply send us an MPeg4 or a Quicktime Movie of your production and we will supply you with the title layer to be used in your final edit.

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Poor spelling and bad grammar reflect poorly on the writer and often devalue the content of the document, regardless of its quality otherwise.
Our proof-readers are language service specialists who will ensure that your document is perfectly written. Translation Station will often translate a document and then proofread it again once it is typeset to ensure that the typeset version contains everything in good order. In some cases we may rethink a headline or catch phrase to fit into the lay-out and final design of the document.

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South African Languages

South Africa is rich in culture—we are a diverse and colourful people known as the Rainbow Nation! Learn more about our languages, the regions where they are spoken and their number of speakers. Get in touch with your target audience and resonate with them.

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Professional Voice Artists

Do you need to book a

professional voice artist?



 +27 11 787 5781

+27 11 787 5782


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Thank you for the translations and the quick response. It is much appreciated.
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Thanks for all the help and advice.
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Many thanks! And thank you for your great service and patience.
     - Artifact

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Fabulous Gill... and, as always... Thank you very much for such amazing turnaround times!!!
     - Willco FTV

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Thank you for the quiz question translations. Great job by the translator!
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Thanks so much for the speedy work.
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Are you a qualified translator or language specialist? Please send us your CV if you would like to be added to our database. Translation Station uses language specialists from our database when our clients request specific language combinations, specialist translations, copywriting or proofreading.